Moral Relativism vs. Innocent Blood

Working through various news shows, Internet news sites, and even Science Fiction author sites, the rhetoric of what is right and what is wrong seems cranked up as high as the proverbial overflowing outhouse. When State troopers find proponents of left and right stuck in the part of an outhouse you NEVER want to get stuck in, they hose us off and we continue our mud fight.

Life on this earth brings many joys and sorrows but how do we decide if a policy is right or wrong? If a political party is right or wrong? Or even if a political party in being right, just wants your vote, and does nothing about its supposed rightness?

Here’s what I look for:

Protect the Innocent
Defend the Defenseless
Rescue the poor from wickedness

It’s not my opinion – it’s what we read in Psalm 82

Let me tell a short story. A blue telegram arrived at my house in April, 2005. My wife called me in the bedroom and she was not happy. I thought I had been caught buying another box of cigars with the credit card. She held a paper up, shook it at me, and asked, “What does this mean?”

I watched that paper move all around and said, “Sweetheart, I can’t read it because it is moving too fast.”

She handed it to me. It was a blue Western Union Telegram recalling my aging butt to Army active duty. I spent a year in Southwest Asia and the Horn of Africa, worked on building the telecom / data center in Balad, and had the wartime adventure of a lifetime. Even if I had a few “Laundry” moments after rocket attacks.

In those first weeks before I reported, I had to ask… Was this a moral war? Was it right to report? The emotion of 9/11, beginning of the surge in Iraq, and the deluge of news media prime time excremental obfuscation made this a cloudy issue. Normal patriotic urges combined with 17 years in the Army leaned me hard toward doing what I was supposed to do but I still needed to answer the question. On my little chunk of sidewalk, Moral Relativism depends heavily on emotion. Moral Realism depends heavily on evidence. Many who do not believe in absolute truth will disagree but I often feel like Pontius Pilate when I talk with people about truth and have to ask, “What is truth?” Boneheaded Pilate at least had the benefit of Truth standing in front of him, though he made several poor decisions.

Back to my little story. In looking for answers, I saw a video from Iraq of soldiers playing soccer with Iraqi kids. That brought Proverbs 6: 17 to mind. One of the seven things the Lord hates is shedding Innocent Blood. Too many pacifists use this to justify pacifism. Not me. If that is one of the seven things the Lord hates, what is its opposite? He loves those who protect innocent blood. That means picking up your rifle and working to defend innocent blood. Does our war on terror harm innocent people? No doubt. Yet, for anyone who has worked Predator targeting, putting bombs into Al Zarquawi’s living room, or the myriad operations that take down bad guys, it is very impressive to see how hard American Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen try to not hurt the innocent. Big picture, until DAESH invaded, Iraq was a safe haven for spreading the Gospel and truth of Jesus Christ. Now, it is an abattoir filled with Innocent Blood.

By the way, the term, ISIS, gives legitimacy to that murdering freak show. My Arab co-workers at my company calls them DAESH – which means, ‘Those guys.’ (cleaned up version)

Scroll forward to the present. DAESH is murdering children who refuse to recant from Christianity. Parents are made to watch while their children are killed. The Lord hates those who shed innocent blood. What about those who refuse to protect innocent blood though they have the means and ability to protect Innocent blood? Comparing my reasoning from 2005 – 2006 to the present, I am struck that in the Moral Relativism of our government in general and President in particular, the analysis paralysis of ‘potentially bad decisions’ renders them incompetent and incapable. If there is no absolute truth then any decision, including no decision, is wrong according to someone. That brings me back to Proverbs 6: 17. Such a simple verse. Accepting the truth that God loves those who protect innocent blood SHOULD make dropping bombs on DAESH an easy decision.

Watching the sun move slowly behind Pikes Peak and enjoying the first snow covering of the mountains.


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