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Black Gladius: 

Book 1 of the Culling  

2039 America is a brutal place. Most men between 18 and 44 are deployed to Asia fighting the UN’s Earth Charter wars. At home, the nation wrestles with the 5% annual culling of young and old. It is a time of Liberty and Tyranny… Life and Death.

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Book 4 – Cycle of the Magiosjapheths-cube-web

Niall opened his eyes. He could not breathe and his chest felt like something was crushing his heart. Two Bullets in the chest was a tough way to start the day. He vaguely listened as Russian Special Ops troops fought his men in the tunnels above, trying to take control of the Exxon Fusion Complex. The Time Shot Director and a medic worked on Niall’s wounds trying to make sure he did not bleed out. They needed three more minutes to launch a few more people back in time but one of them was missing. Niall’s Infantry company medic shook his head after inserting nano plugs in his entry and exit wounds. The pain went away but Niall figured he was dead. Then the medics lifted and slung his body onto a cold metal table in the Time Shot chamber. The Time Shot Director hastily told him about Magi, witches, and covens. If he could even breathe, Niall would curse vehemently because his tough morning was turning into a really bad day.
The Time Shot Director frowned as he leaned over Niall and whispered, “You were not the one we prepped for this mission but try harder to not get killed, again.”

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Book 5 – Cycle of the Magioslast-ten-thousand-web

Fifty years ago, conversations during our shift in the Mountain seemed to have a macabre but sarcastic tone whenever we talked about what a really bad day looked like. In general, our definition started with how some Near-Peer nation might fly a nuke tipped rocket down the tunnel and fry our miserable hides. That one was obvious. At 50,000 degrees, a nuke popping off in the tunnel would ensure that the end would not hurt very much for very long. Then there were the terrorist wanna-be’s who might lob something our way.
None of us had any clue that the dumb ass Russians would attempt a third option. Using the sun to do the job, they fried half the earth from barely sunrise on the U.S. East Coast to just after sunset half-way across Asia.

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Book 6 – Cycle of the Magiosvarguard

Trans-Human Augmentation through DARPA’s Super-Soldier program begins the process of taking humanity to a scientifically driven caste system. Liberty fades but Men of the Varangian Guard Legion step into the fight. Yet, this is war beyond Land, Air, Sea, and Space. It extends into Cyber and Quantum – The Unknowable Spaces.

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